If You’re Over 50 You Need To Be Aware Of A Medical Ticking Time Bomb In Your Body That Could Easily Ruin Your Health – It Could Only Be Detected By Your Doctor After It’s Too Late!!!


Do you feel more tired, fatigued, with less energy, than you did just a few years ago?
Do you have trouble concentrating at times or confused?
Does it feel like the medicine or the vitamins and supplements you take are no longer working as well as they did in the past?
Do you have circulation problems or fluid retention leading to swelling in the legs , feet, ankles or abdomen?

Do you have problems sleeping?
Do you get different color stool and/or foamy or bubbly urine?
Do you have high or higher blood pressure or cholesterol?
Do you wake up several times at night to urinate?
Is your sex drive greatly reduced or nonexistent?

Chapter 1: Introduction

How You Can Avoid A Medical Nightmare
Building In Your Body This Very Moment

It’s a hidden medical nightmare buried deep inside your body that is slowly draining the life and health out of you this very moment!

It could only be detected by your doctor, after it’s too late, and you are put on expensive medications with serious side effects or even worse, end up in the hospital for major surgery!

Even if you don’t end up in a hospital for now, in the mean time it will deprive your body every minute of every day and slowly make you:

Sluggish with less energy or vitality.
Bad Memory.
Foggy Brain.
No Sex Drive.

Raise your Blood Pressure.
Raise your Cholesterol.
Urinating at all hours of the night.

Tired all the time.
Reducing the Effectiveness Of Your Medicines.
Increase your Weight.
Digestive problems.

Dear Fellow Senior In Search Of Optimum Health,

You were sent this special issue of Journal Of New Medical Discoveries today because you are over 50 and, in the past have, demonstrated to be a person serious about their health and longevity. The next few pages of this special issue will be shocking and eye opening.

We will expose a medical ticking time bomb in your body that you had no idea you had.

It’s a medical nightmare that affects millions of seniors and normally it’s only detected by our modern medicine after it’s too late and requires major medical attention and hospitalization.

Even if you do not end up in a hospital for now, in the mean time it will deprive your body every minute of every day and slowly make you:

Sluggish with less energy or vitality
Bad Memory
Foggy Brain
No Sex Drive
Raise your Blood Pressure
Raise your Cholesterol

Urinating at all hours of the night
Tired all the time
Reducing the Effectiveness of your Medicines
Increase your Weight
Digestive problems

The odds are you are already experiencing some of the above but don’t realize it. This special issue will help you avoid this medical nightmare that has

Already Begun To Ruin Your Health… Quality Of Life…
And Could Ultimately Lands You In A Hospital When You Least Expect It.

Now here is the good news:

In this issue we will also reveal how by quickly “defusing” the ticking time bomb in your body and avoiding the medical nightmare you could have the opposite health effect.

You could in a short period of time:

1) Extend your life 5-10-15 years or maybe even longer.

2) Reduces the amount of Medicines you are currently taking.

3) Maintain a healthy Cholesterol and Triglycerides level.

4) Reduce Weight gain.

5) Clean Toxins and Heavy Metals poisoning your body.

6) Improve Cardiac performance.

7) Improve Muscular performance.

8) Help reduce the risk of Atherosclerosis.

9) Digestive problems (stomach pains-bloating -diarrhea-constipation-nausea).

10) Sleep better and all night without waking up to urinate.

11) Reduce diarrhea, nausea and bloating.

12) Bring you a much better quality of life, health, energy, vitality and peace of mind. You could even look better than you have in years.

My Doctor Confirmed It

If I had not seen it with my own eyes and lived through it I would not have believed it. Even though I was feeling great my doctor confirmed (after doing test which I was not scheduled for) everything I read in your magazine was happening to me. You helped me avoid a major medical catastrophe.

– Frank R., Baton Rogue, LA*

I Would Wake Up 3 Or 4 Times
At Night To Pee.

I always felt sluggish and foggy brained. I got tired of people laughing at my “senior moments”. My weight kept going up and my Cholesterol and Blood Pressure were higher than ever. The best thing I ever did was pick up your magazine in the doctor’s waiting room and read it.

– Edgar H., San Diego, CA*

For The Last Few Years I Had Not Been Myself.

Everybody told me it was old age. My son thought it was depression since I spent all day at home with no energy or desire to do anything. All that changed quickly after I took your diagnoses quiz. I feel 20 years younger.

–Ed C., Jacksonville, FL*

Your Own Doctor Will Be So Impressed With Your Results That He Could Cut Back On Your Prescription Medicines.

Your friends and neighbors will ask…

“who’s this new you”?

Think it can’t happen to you?

Then you above anyone else need to keep reading.

We will also cover other truths… facts …medical studies… and iron clad proofs… as they relate to your ticking time bomb and it’s prevention of:

13) Lung Cancer.

14) Brain tumors.

15) Type II diabetes.

16) Reduces self renewal of colorectal cancer stem cells.

17) UV induced skin cancer.

IMPORTANT: Be Forewarned:
The Greedy Hospitals And Surgeons Hope You Never Read This Publication

You could be depriving them of hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical payments from your insurance company.

If you’re still a little skeptical it’s OK, most people at this point still are and think it can’t happen to them. However as you keep reading on over the next few pages, the overwhelming evidence will quickly make you a die hard believer.

Now That I Have Your Attention
I Would Like To Ask You 12 Simple Questions To Start Your
Diagnosis To Discover What Stage Your Ticking Time Bomb Is At.

Please answer Yes or No:

1) Do you feel more tired, fatigued, with less energy, shortness of breath, drowsiness and/or weaker than you did just a few years ago?

2) Do you have trouble concentrating at times or confused?

3) Do you have high or higher blood pressure?

4) Does it feel like the medicines,vitamins or supplements you take are no longer working as well as they did in the past?

5) Do you have problems sleeping?

6) Do you wake up several times at night to urinate?

7) Do you bruise and bleed much more easily than in the past?

8) Do you have circulation problems or fluid retention leading to swelling in the legs , feet, ankles or abdomen?

9) Do your veins look larger than in the past?

10) Do you get different color stool and/or foamy or bubbly urine?

11) Is your sex drive greatly reduced or nonexistent?

12) Do you get occasional chest pains?

If You Answered Yes To Even One Of The Above You Could Already

You must take action NOW! I am not trying to scare you. I am just telling you the god’s honest truth verified by modern medical science as you are about to see and verify for yourself over the next few pages!

So what is the ticking time bomb you ask?

It’s Probably The Last Thing You Expected To Read Here Today The Big Secret Is A…DIRTY LIVER AND/OR KIDNEY!!!

If you’re over 50, your liver and kidney probably needs to be immediately scrubbed clean of a lifetime of…

Old Cholesterol Deposits
Drug Residues
Toxic Waste
Heavy Metals
And Other Abuses Before It Gets Worse.

Right Now It’s Lowering Your Quality
Of Your Life And Health Without You
Realizing It Every Day.

Eventually it could lead to a major medical catastrophe we have called the ticking time bomb requiring:

At best you taking prescription drugs with severe side effects every day probably for the rest of your life.
4 hours of dialysis 3 or 4 times a week.
A transplant
Or in many cases even death if your insurance runs out or they can’t find a donor.

But Years Before Your Liver And Kidney Get Diseased It’s Going
To Start Ruining The Quality Of Your Life And General Health!

It’s probably has already begun you just don’t realize it yet.

There are over 100 liver diseases that can seriously affect your health… longevity… and quality of life… that could be formulating in your liver and kidney right now.

With Modern Medicine A Dirty Liver And Kidney Is Only Detected After It’s Too Late-In Many Cases Transplant Is The Only Solution!

Like most people your liver and kidney was the last thing you were probably worried about.

And the worst part is you still have no idea how much your dirty liver and kidney are already affecting your health, longevity and quality of life right now this very moment.

You Do Not Have To Have Full Blown Liver Failure In Order To Ruin Your Health, A Dirty Liver Is Probably Already Doing That To You Right Now Without You Realizing It.

Yes you could be doing much better than your current health.

The Ironic Part Is Your Dirty Liver And/Or Kidney That Could Ruin Your Health Could Have Been Brought On By Your Own Doctor!

Hard to believe?

I will prove it to you …

You are about to read about an American Gastroenterological Association Medical research study conducted by Indiana University School of Medicine on 300 patients with complete liver failure.50

This Landmark Study Concluded That The Main Culprit Was The MEDICINES Their Own DOCTORS Prescribed To Them!!!

These are probably some of the same medicines your own doctor has prescribed to you that you are currently taking. Right now that caused 300 people into liver failure.

But it’s not just medicines there is much more.


It’s Not Just Prescription Medicines– Over The Counter Medicines… Vitamins… and Mineral Supplements Are Helping To
Destroy Your Liver And Kidney.

Here is a summary of the results:

1) The majority of Drug Induced Liver Injuries were the result of antibiotics taken throughout a life time.

2) Supplements also play a big part in Drug Induced Liver Injuries. The study showed that 18% of Drug Induced Liver Injuries were a combination of 2 or more drugs or dietary supplements (diet products, muscle builders, energy drinks etc).

3) Dietary supplements alone accounted for 9% of the Drug Induced Liver Injuries!

4) Diabetics had a higher degree of Drug Induced Liver Injuries.

5) The study did not include liver failures from Acetaminophen which is found in hundreds of over the counter pain relievers.

Acetaminophen can be so harmful to your liver it was not included in the study since it’s harmful effects are already known.

The irony is that many of these people were probably…

Super Health-Cautious Individuals Who Never Realized They
Were Caught In A Silent Time Bomb Brought On By The
Modern Medicine They Thought Was Keeping Them Healthy.

Here is a list of the other culprits that are also guilty of slowly draining your health day after day:

Processed /Fast foods
Liquor (FLD)
Soft drinks
Household Aerosols
Detoxifying Heavy Metals such as Mercury, Lead and Cadmium

Old Cholesterol
Environmental pollutants /Toxic Waste /Heavy Metals including Carbon Monoxide, Chloroform, and Urethanes
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease occurs to overweight people when fat stores inside the healthy liver cells.

Fatty Liver Disease happens to people who drink too much and fat accumulates in their liver.
There are many scientist that believe that the external Environment Is Guilty Of Contributing The Majority Of The Toxins that the liver has to detoxify.9

But It’s Not Just Your Liver It’s Also
Your Kidneys That Can Ruin Your Health.

Here is more irrefutable proof:

According to the American Kidney Fund there are…

Approximately 31 Million People In The U.S. With Chronic Kidney Disease And Many May Not Even Be Aware Of It!26

This 31 million does NOT include people with dirty kidneys that are on the verge of becoming full blown diseased.

I Also Probably Don’t Have To Tell You That The Vast Majority Of These People Are Over The Age Of 50. If You’re Over 50, Or Getting Close, You Are A Prime Target.

How is this possible in a country like ours with such amazing modern medicine?

Because kidney disease, and even more difficult a dirty kidney, which is what I want you to avoid, is under recognized by primary care physicians.

Most doctors are simply not familiar with treatment guidelines. To make matters worse…

Spotting A Dirty Kidney Is Not Easy For Your Doctor.

The problem is so rampant that the National Institute Of Health under the sponsorship of the American Association of Family Physicians has sponsored a research in order to ascertain the best way to help alleviate this epidemic.

Yes The Liver & Kidney Ticking Time Bomb Problem Is Real…
Rampant… And Affecting You Right Now!

But now there is a simple inexpensive, all-natural solution. This is the formula the medical industry is whispering about…

What Science Has Proven To Be The “Little Known Powerhouse
Magic 8 Botanicals” To Help Clean And Scrub Your Liver And
Kidneys Naturally And Help Set Up A Preventive Barrier Between
You And A Medical Nightmare.

So let’s get started on learning about the “Little Known-Powerhouse-Magic 8 Botanicals”. The next few minutes will be life changing for you I promise.

Your First Step To A Clean And Healthy Liver & Kidney
Starts On The Next Page. Please Keep Reading.
It’s Important To You…

9 LifeExtention: Liver Degenerative Disease 2015 page 6
26 Chronic kidney disease (CKD) Symptoms,Treatment &Prevention

Chapter 2: Ingredient #1

The Ancient Plant Seed Extract That Made Believers Out of A Room Full of Skeptical Doctors

It was a normal Springfield Virginia night on September 12th, when a man was rushed to the emergency room of Med Star Georgetown University Hospital (MGUH). He was grimacing in pain with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea, he was very… very… sick.

Very quickly a clinical diagnosis showed his liver enzymes were exceptionally elevated with symptoms of major liver dysfunction. More simply put his liver was beginning to shut down and it looked like a transplant was the only option.

Like Almost All People He Probably Had Spent His Entire
Lifetime Eating… Junk Food… Processed Foods… Prescription
& Over-The-Counter Medicines… Using Aerosols… Pesticides!

But the final straw that broke the camel’s back and brought his liver over the edge were 4 mushrooms he picked and eat from his garden. His liver could no longer take the abuse.

The question among doctors quickly arose “how do we get this lifetime of toxicity/ poisoning out of his liver and save his life”.

A Transplant Might Be The Only Solution

So he was transferred to the Georgetown Transplant Institute part of the Georgetown University Medical Center!

When it looked like a transplant was the only option and all seemed lost the hospital was able to contact a California doctor recommended to them who specialized in using the seed of an ancient thorny plant found in the Mediterranean coast as a base to detoxify the liver.

Since the FDA had not gotten around to approving this all natural seed based treatment the doctors at Georgetown had to use a rare one time only FDA “Emergency Use Medical Exemption”.

The seed based treatment was given…

The results were fast and almost magical!

To almost everybody’s surprise (except the California doctor) the transplant was avoided!

Not only was the patient cured, it was done… quickly… painlessly… he got to kept his liver… his recovery time was days not months… and the insurance company saved close to a million dollars which is what a liver replacement can cost these days.

The Doctors At Georgetown Were So Astonished That Their Institutional Review Board Formalized The Seed Based Treatment For Other Patients With The Same Deadly Symptoms.

The results of this all natural based treatment were so amazing that they were presented at the highly prestigious DDW in San Diego the largest meeting of doctors and researchers in the fields of gastroenterology, endoscopy, gastrointestinal surgery and hepatology.1

So What Is This Ancient Mediterranean Plant Seed Extract
(Ingredient #1) That Saved This Patient From A Liver Transplant And
Made Believers Out Of A Room Full Of Skeptical Doctors?

Before I tell you I want you to know that Ingredient #1 has been shown to be used by
modern medicine for:

Lung Cancer1b, 2
Brain Tumors3
Type II Diabetes5
Liver Cancer6
Reducing Self Renewal Of Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells4
UV Induced Skin Cancer5

So by now you must be anxious to know the name of Ingredient #1 that does so many amazing things for your health.

That Wonder Plant Seed Is Called…. SILIBININ. It Will Help Scrub Clean Your Liver And Give You Other Benefits You Never Imagined.

Now let’s see Ingredient #2 on the next page that is found in super expensive medication.

1 Georgetown University Medical Center Public Release 20 May 2012 1b Journal Of The National Cancer Institute Highlights in the June 21 JNCI ,20/6/06
2 Public release University Of Colorado Denver Silibin stops production of COX2 and iNOS.
3 Plant extract fights brain tumor Public Release 11 Feb 2015 Max Plank Institute Of Psychiatry
4 Photochemistry & Photobiology, 30 JAN 2013
5 Phytotherapy Research Huseini H F The Efficiency of Silybum Marianum (L.) Gaertn (silymarin) In The treatment of Type 11 Diabetes A Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled , Clinical Trial30/10/06
6 World J Gastroenterol 2007 13(40): 5299 5305Effects and Mechanisms of Silibinin On Human Hepatoma Cell Lines

  Chapter 3: Ingredient #2

The Relatively Unknown Ingredient Contained In Very Expensive Medicines That Work Wonders

Ingredient #2 comes from a rarely known amino acid derivative with 40 years of hard core scientific verification behind it.

Sadly most aging individuals and even many doctors have never heard of it or do not understand this wonder botanical correctly.

Even Though Ingredient #2 Has Remained Relatively Unknown By Both Doctors And The General Public It Has Been On The Radar Of The Large Pharmaceutical Companies For Years Because Of Its Effectiveness.

So in addition to helping clean your liver of:

Alcoholic Liver Damage
Environmental Pollutants

Household Aerosols
Detoxifying Heavy Metals such as Mercury, Lead and Cadmium.

Here Is What Else Ingredient #2 Could Do For You…

Ingredient #2 has also been shown to be used by modern medicine for some of today’s
most deadly threats including:7

Liver Failure
Influenza, 75% of all flu related deaths occur in aging individuals
Neck Cancer
Pulmonary Disease (including Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis) the 4th leading cause of death in America.
Lung Cancer
Some forms of Epilepsy
Ear Infection
Helicobacter Pylori the bacterial catalyst causing Stomach Ulcers, closely linked to the second most common fatal form of Cancer Malignant Gastric.
Hangover remedy for powerful drugs used in cancer treatments, HIV and X-ray dyes.

Additionally Ingredient #2 helps to restore intracellular levels of glutathione (GSH)
one of the human body’s most powerful antioxidant defenses.

Ingredient #2 is contained in many of the very expensive prescription medicines that are
making the pharmaceutical companies rich.7

Ingredient #2 Is A Moderately Modified Version Of A Sulfur Containing Amino Acid Cysteine Called… N-ACETYL CYSTEINE.

The next ingredient is a powerful antioxidant that cleans heavy metals from your liver and kidneys and much more…

7 Life Extension Magazine , The Overlooked Compound That Saves Lives May 2010.

 Chapter 4: Ingredient #3

Powerful Antioxidant That Is Clinically Proven To Not Only Clean Heavy Metals But Much More

Ingredient #3 is a powerful antioxidant that has been clinically proven to perform several very important functions for your liver many consider almost miraculous:

Here is what it could do for you…

Cleans/Chelate Toxic Heavy Metals around the clock nonstop. It’s a “work horse” cleaner.
Universal Antioxidant that is both fat and water soluble thus binding Free Radicals with both a lean or fatty liver.
Free radical protection of the interior and exterior liver cellular structures.
Neutralizes cell damaging free radicals one of the few ways to protecting valuable liver cells.
Assist in preventing Mutated Gene Expression in the liver32
Enhances the effects of other vital antioxidants including gluthione which is necessary for a healthy liver33

But There’s Much More That Ingredient #3
Does For Your Health And Well Being.

A study conducted by Oregon State University and the University of Washington discovered that Ingredient #3 was responsible for helping avoid cardiovascular disease in
mice by:10

Reducing Weight Gain.
Reduce the formation of Arterial Lesions.
Reduce Blood Vessel Inflammation.

But the best is yet to come…
Slowing The Aging Process.

Further study done by Oregon State University and publicly released in 17 July
2014 revealed that Ingredient #3

Also Appears To Help Reset The Biological Clock
(Synchronize Circadian Rhythms) In Living Forms.

Again, the results slow the aging process by helping:

Lowering Cholesterol and Triglycerides by up to 60% with correct supplementation31
Reduce the risk of Atherosclerosis
Cardiac performance
Hormonal balance
Muscular performance
Metabolism of Glucose

So What Is The Name Of This Powerful Antioxidant
That Is Ingredient #3? It’s Called…

Our next ingredient is a Middle Eastern antioxidant spice with a long and powerful history of preventing major liver issues…

10 supported by the National Institute of Health and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Public Release 14 Jan 2008
33 (Lykkesfeld 1998; Khanna 1999)
32 (Biewenga 1997)
31 (Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Volume 485 Issue 1)

  Chapter 5: Ingredient #4

Middle Eastern Antioxidant Spice With A Long
History Of Preventing
Major Liver Issues

Ingredient #4 is a traditional Middle- Eastern Antioxidant spice that is primarily grown throughout India, other parts of Asia, and Africa.

It has a long history of being used in Asia for reducing inflammation, relieving pain and helping accelerate the wound healing process.

However, Few Even In The Western Medical Profession Are Aware Of Its Amazing Medicinal Value Especially For The Liver.

Here is what this antioxidant spice could do for you…

Fatty Liver Disease (FLD) is when fat accumulates in liver cells by a process called steatosis. Scientific research on mice and cell models as reported by Tufts University, Health Science Campus35 has shown that the main component in Ingredient #4 suppresses the growth of fat tissue in the liver, which also results in…

General Weight Loss and can help reduce the onset of Fatty Liver Disease.

Inflamed Liver

The British Medical Journal34 reports that the main component in Ingredient #4 was used in a research study in delaying the onset and damage of an Inflamed Liver. The research team carefully studied blood and tissue samples of mice with liver inflammation for a 4 and 8 week period.

The finds showed:

Reduced Bile Duct Blockage in the liver.
Helped curtail Liver Scaring (fibrosis).
Helped curtail Liver Cell Damage (hepatocyte).

But Ingredient #4 Has Many Other Curative Potential Besides The Ones We Have Discussed.

Currently the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) is funding a research study on the ability of Ingredient #4 in preventing:

Liver Cancer.
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.
Post Menopausal Osteoporosis.

So What Is The Name Of Ingredient #4 This Amazing Antioxidant Spice With So Many Amazing Medical Properties?

It’s called CURCUMA LONGA and its main ingredient in Curcumin.

Our next ingredient helps break down deadly fats in the liver and increases bile. Two very important functions for your health…

35(public Release 18 May 2009)
34(Public release 23 Mar 2010)

 Chapter 6: Ingredient #5

The Ingredient That Helps Break Down Deadly Fats In The Liver & Increases Bile Movement

Ingredient #5 is one of the most ancient cultivated plants in the history of civilization.

It was first found in Ethiopia and eventually found its way to Europe through Egypt.

Over The Centuries It’s Leaves Have Been Found To Demonstrate
Amazing Medicinal Uses For The Liver And Kidney.

For example, in European Medicine it is prescribed as a diuretic…

To Help The Flow Of Bile From The Liver To The Gallbladder.

Bile is natural compound necessary so your body does not build up fat in the liver.

A randomized placebo-controlled doubleblind cross-over study showed that after only 30 minutes of taking Ingredient #5 bile secretion increased an astonishing 127.3% in patients livers.12)

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There Are Many Other Potential Benefits Besides
Liver And Kidney From Ingredient #5.

Here are a few:

Cholesterol was lowered in a double blind study of 143 people with high cholesterol. The total cholesterol drop was 18.5% and the total LDL cholesterol drop was an amazing 23% 13)

In Germany the Government Commission E has authorized it’s medical use for:

Digestive problems
Stomach Pains

Plus more…

The Wonder Botanical Ingredient #5 Is Called CYNARA SCOLYMUS.
It Could Do Wonders For Your Liver And Kidneys.

If you have ever had kidney stones you know the pain associated with urinating them
or having them surgically removed.

Ingredient #6 on the next page is a weed that helps filter and clean blood impurities from your liver and kidneys in order to help prevent kidney stones and much more harm to your liver…

12) R. Kirchhoff, CH. Beckers, G.M. Kirchhoff, H. Trinczek-Gärtner, O. Petrowicz, H.J. Reimann Phytomedicine 1994 Pages 107-115
13) (Bundy & Middleton :Phytomedicine 2008 April 16)

  Chapter 7: Ingredient #6

The Weed That Helps Filer And Clean Blood Impurities From Your Liver And Kidneys Including:

Old Cholestrol Deposits

Kidney Stones
Drug Residues

Toxic Waste
Heavy Metals
Household Aerosoles

Ingredient #6 is a crawling weed with bioactive compounds in its leaves and also in its root.

Its flowers open during the day and close at night. It has been grown and used for medicinal purposes in India for thousands of years. It has spread to Asia, South America and China.

Western Medicine Is Now Beginning To Take Notice Of Its Many Powerful Health Benefits Especially For The Liver And Kidney.

Here are some of the many benefits of this wonder herb could do for you…

Helps maintain Efficient Kidney and Urinary Functions with its diuretic, laxative, stomach, antispasmodic and antiinflammatory action.
Helps those suffering from Kidney Failure.
Helps Filter and Clean Blood of impurities including: Fats, Old Cholesterol Deposits, Gallstones, Poisons, Drug Residues, Toxic Waste and Heavy Metals.
Helps bring Cholesterol to healthy levels.
Helps those suffering from Asthma.
Helps the Digestive System.
Helps remove Mucus from bronchial tubes.
Helps you become full of Vigor and Vitality.15)
Helps reduce Kidney Stones (antiurolithiasis). In a study conducted on rats that were purposely induced with kidney stones (hyperoxaluria) Ingredient #6 appeared to reduce the formation of kidney stones and protect the kidney.14)

But there’s still more:

It has Antioxidant properties (prevent or delay some types of cell damage)18)
Has an anti proliferative effect on some cancer cells.18)
Has been used to treat Obesity.15)

This Multifaceted Ancient Ingredient #6 From India
That Could Help Work Wonders Is Called…

Our next ingredient not only helps prevent kidney stone but also helps increase kidney tissue and much more…

15) Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry ISSN 2278• 4136 vol 1 No 1 2012
14) Atmani F, et al Prophylaxis of calcium oxalate stones by Herniaria hirsuta on experimentally induced nephrolithiasis in rats. BJU Int. (2003)
18) Examine.com Boerhaavia diffusa

  Chapter 8: Ingredient #7

The Fruit That Could Increase The Levels Of
Kidney Tissue & Dissolve Kidney Stones

Ingredient #7 is used extensively for hundreds of years in both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and medicine from India commonly called Ayurveda.

Over the centuries this fruit bearing plant has learned to survive and grow by adapting to dry cold climate locations that few other plants can survive in. In India, it is found in the sub-Himalayan forest.

Perhaps It’s This Toughness That Has Made Ingredient #7 Useful In Medical Conditions Relating To:

ary Tract

Let’s look at some facts and medical studies:

In an 8 week study conducted by the Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research rats orally ingested 50 mg of Ingredient #7 as a hydroalcoholic extract.

The Results Were An Increase In Levels Of Kidney Tissue

In both healthy and diabetic rats.18)

But There’s Still Much More…

A study conducted by Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Jaypee University concluded that a protein called 60kDa found in Ingredient #7 appears to…

Be Able To Dissolve Kidney Stones.21)

But it’s not just your Kidney, Bladder and Urinary Tract.

Here is a summary of what more this wonder plant could do for you.

Enhance Androgen Receptor density in your brain.
Cardiovascular Health
Reduce Blood Pressure by a diuretic and/or protective effect in the kidneys or ACE inhibition.20)

By Now I Am Sure You Want To Know The Name
Of This Amazing Plant. It’s Called…

Now we finally come to Ingredient #8. The last of the “Little Known Powerhouse Magic 8 Botanicals” that will help clean and scrub your liver and kidneys and help set up a protective barrier.

Ingredient #8 has been used for hundreds of years to prevent the #1 cause of kidney failure in people over the age of 50…

18) Gandhi S, Srinivasan BP, Akarte AS Potential nephrotoxic effects produced by steroidal saponins from hydro alcoholic extract of Tribulus terrestris in STZ-induced diabetic rats. Toxicol Mech Methods. (2013)
21) Aggarwal A, et al A novel antilithiatic protein from Tribulus terrestris having cytoprotective potency. Protein Pept Lett. (2012)
20) Sharifi AM, Darabi R, Akbarloo N Study of antihypertensive mechanism of Tribulus terrestris in 2K1C hypertensive rats: role of tissue ACE activity. Life Sci. (2003)

 Chapter 9: Ingredient #8

The Ingredient That’s Been Used For Hundreds of Years To Help Prevent The #1 Cause Of Kidney Failure In People Over The Age Of 50.

Ingredient #8 is a tall and handsome invasive plant that can grow up to 9 feet tall, leaves can be up to 48inches in length.

They bloom from July to September. In the middle ages it was eaten as a vegetable.

It has been used medically in Asia and Europe, for hundreds of years and now most recently in North America first by tribes of native Americans starting in the 1800’s.

Modern medicine is now beginning to take notice.

It Has Been Used For Hundreds Of Years To Help Prevent
The Onset Of The #1 Kidney Failure In People Over 50.

Membranous Glomerulonephritis (MGN) is a slowly progressive disease of the kidney caused by damage to the blood vessels in your kidney that filter waste and excess water.

It Is The Most Common Cause Of Kidney Failure (Renal Disease) For People Over The Age Of 50.

Studies conducted by the Department of Pharmacognosy, School Of Pharmacy at Shanghai Medical University on rats confirm that Ingredient #8

Helps Suppress The Onset Of Kidney Disease.

It has sparked such strong interest that additional test are being planned.25) It appears western medicine is finally learning what ancient medicine has know for hundreds of years.

But There Are Many Other Benefits Including Helping:23)

• Detoxify Blood
• Promote Blood Circulation
• Antioxidant
•Anti-Diabetic Compounds
• Weight L
oss 24)

So What Is The Name Of This 8th And Last Wonder Botanical That Can Have Such A Life Changing Effect On Your Life And Health…
Arctium lappa L.

IMPORTANT: Now you will learn how combining all eight ingredients could help you to avoid a liver and kidney nightmare by simply taking 2 all-natural capsules a day.

25) Phytomedicine. 2009 Nov;16(11):1033-41. doi: 0.1016/j.phymed.2009.04.005. Epub 2009 Jun 12.
23)Inflammopharmacology. 2011 Oct;19(5):245-54. doi: 10.1007/s10787-010-0062-4. Epub 2010 Oct 28.
24) Food Chemistry Volume 134, Issue 3, 1 October 2012, Pages 1320–1326

  Chapter 10: The Ultimate Blend

Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ - The All Natural Formula Blending The “Miracle 8” To Help
Clean And Scrub Your Liver & Kidneys
And Set Up A Protective Barrier*

Let’s face the facts:

There Is Nothing More Important Than Your Health…Longevity…
Quality Of Life… And Peace Of Mind And You Know It.

We have covered in great detail in this issue the kidney & liver ticking time bomb in your body.

The Threat Is Real And It’s Just A Matter Of Time
And To What Degree It Affects You.

Right now, while reading this sentence, if you are 50 or over your liver and kidneys need help. You are no different than most people.

The medical problems and complications it brings can be a nightmare to the quality… health (both physical and mental)… and your longevity.

Even If You (Like Most People) Never Go Into Full Liver Or Kidney Failure The Host Of Side Effects And Complications Of A Dirty Liver Or Kidney Can Be Horrifying To You:

• The dangerous medicines you have to take and their side effects.
• Your current medicines and vitamins not working as well as they should.
• The endless doctor’s appointments.
• Always tired and never wanting to do anything or go anywhere. The feeling of doom while you are in the waiting room not knowing what news the doctor has for you.
• No peace of mind not knowing what the future outcome will be.
• Arguing with your insurance company who does not want to cover all your treatments or medicines.
• The hospital stays, the needles and tubes.
• The 4 hours 3-to-4 d
ays a week of dialysis and the big tubes into your veins.

Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ is an ultra scientifically blended all natural formula using the “Miracle 8” super powerful botanicals we have covered in this issue.

By Taking Just 2 Capsules A Day It Will Help Clean… Scrub…
And Purify… Your Liver And Kidneys Of:

Processed and Fast Foods.
Liquor (FLD).
Soft Drinks.
Environmental Pollutants/Toxic Waste /Heavy Metals including Carbon Monoxide, Chloroform, and Urethanes.
Household Aerosols.
Detoxifying Heavy Metals such as Mercury, Lead and Cadmium.
Drug residues…Medicine Rsidues … Over- the-Counter Vitamins, Mineral Supplement Residues.
Old Cholesterol.
And help set up a preventive barrier between you and a liver and kidney medical nightmare.

It’s Not Just The “Miracle 8” Super Powerful Botanicals That Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ Contain It’s Also The Chemical Reaction They Have When Combined That Further Exceed Their Individual Results.

In just a short period of time you will see and feel a big difference in your health and vitality that you have not felt in years.

Before I talk to you about Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ the wonder capsule I want to introduce you to people just like you that have been using it for months. Many of them may have been skeptical at first but decided to try the Risk Free 30 Day Trial and judge for themselves. Now they are die-hard fanatics and have proven the effectiveness of Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ for themselves with no financial risk.

See their results and judge for yourself.

Here are just a few of the many letters and congratulatory phone calls we get every week from users of Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™

Everything you said in your brochure is all true. The “Monster Inside Of Me” had been quietly accumulating for years and not letting me be 100%. I thought I was doing fairly well health wise but I knew something was wrong I just didn’t know what. I got tired of hearing it was old age. Two trips to my doctor and plenty of tests and no answers. My doctor suggested I was depressed.

Your Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ changed my life. I had no idea what a negative effect my polluted liver and kidneys were having on me. I am back to bowling 3 times a week and best of all my favorite sport of mall shopping. Thank you.

– Gloria B., Glendale, A‡

Being a 30 year vegetarian I thought would exclude me from liver and kidney problems but boy was I wrong! I started having liver and stomach pains that I had never had before. After several visits to the doctor, an ultra sound revealed that I had liver damage. I learned the hard way that our environment, pesticides, household products and even more amazing, all the vitamins, mineral and sports drinks I had taken over the years really do accumulate in your liver and kidneys. This had been going on in my body for years without me knowing it and draining me of life. I do not like to take medicines so a friend suggested I try your all natural Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™. Thanks to you, and him, I am a new man in just a few weeks and can go back to competitive bicycling.

– Michael G., New York, NY‡

I have not changed any of my medicines yet my LDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides and High Blood Pressure have come down substantially. There can be only one reason and that’s Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ the only 2 new capsules I am taking. I feel confident in the near future I can get off my dangerous cholesterol and blood pressure pills. Your 30 day trial made me a believer. I have told all my friends and they are definitely interested.

–Eric M., Bayview, FL‡

My liver enzymes were dangerously high, many times their normal. I was always fatigued, could not remember my grandchildren’s names ,and was bloated and always itchy. My biggest problem was I had lost my job and insurance. I tried your Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ as a last resort with amazing success. Quickly I began to see a positive change. I am a new person and the mental stress and agony is gone.

–Elmer O., Atlanta, GA‡

My weight steadily went up even though I really did not change my diet. Then things really started getting worse. Soon my digestion got bad, I had nausea, I was bloated and I started having stomach pains. By chance my girlfriend saw your Special Report at the doctor’s office and suggested I try your liver and kidney product. The truth is I took it to appease my girlfriend but to my surprise it worked fast and very well. I am hooked on your product and plan to keep taking it so I never repeat this horrible incident in my life again.

–Peter W., Boston, MA‡

It came from nowhere. My stomach was bloated almost overnight and my urine was foamy and dark, the irony is I never felt better the week before. As my liver and kidneys were being cleaned my urine began to clear up quickly. It seemed like the more I peed the better I felt. I had no idea of the massive amount of pollutants I had acquired in my liver and kidney throughout my lifetime of normal living and the damage it had been doing to me for years.

–Bernard K., San Mateo, CA‡

It snuck up on me when just like your magazine said it would. For years it was silently draining the life of my liver minute by minute until one day I realized I had a problem. I had no idea what was causing it but it made me a shell of a man who was always tired, mental fog, no sex drive and no lust for life. Your Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ fixed me up fast and helped avoid the medical catastrophe I was heading for.

–Gilbert R., Clearwater, FL‡

Your Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ worked wonders for me. Please send 6 brochures I have people asking for them.

– Joan S., Torrance, CA‡

Instead Of Living A Medical Nightmare In Just A Short Period Of Time With Liver & Kidney Mega Plus™ You Could Be:

 Having the opportunity to Extend Your Life 5-10-15 Years or maybe even longer. You could get the opportunity to watch your great grandchildren grow up. There is no monetary value you can put on an experience like this.

Reducing The Amount Of Medicines you are currently taking.

Having your Cholesterol and Triglycerides drop so low for the first time that your own doctor says:

“Wow your cholesterol and triglycerides have dropped so low
I think we can take you off your statins.”

Imagine the look on his face and your feeling of pride.

Reducing Unwanted Weight and looking into the mirror and fitting perfectly into clothes you have not worn in 20 years. Or as some describe as …

“my 30 LBS ago clothes”.

Rest assured your spouse, friends and neighbors will notice.

 Not being plagued with the discomfort, embarrassment, unsanitary and inconvenience of Digestive Problems like stomach pains… bloating… diarrhea…constipation, and nausea.

 After years of inactivity improving your Cardiac and Muscular Performance so you can play tennis, bowl, swim, golf, lift weights or even run a marathon.

 Atherosclerosis is the primary cause of cardiovascular disease (heart attacks, strokes and peripheral vascular disease). The reduction and avoidance of this number 1 killer in America is paramount to your health and longevity.

 Cleaning Deadly Toxins and Heavy Metals poisoning from your body from years of living in our modern industrialized society of excess: fats, processed foods, liquor, soft drinks, environmental pollutants, pesticides/insecticides, aerosols, chemicals and much more.

 Don’t think this health transformation is going to remain on the inside of you. Soon you could Glow With A New Energy Optimism and Vitality you had not experienced in years. Everyone will ask what you have done to yourself.•

You can try Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™

The results of Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ speak for themselves and you will see and feel them loud and clear in as quickly as only 30 days.

And if that’s not enough…

>FREE GIFT #1: I’ll Double Your Order of Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ for FREE! Up to $199 value.

If you want one bottle of Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ to try for 30-days, I’ll send you a second 30-day supply for no additional charge.

If you want three months, I’ll send you another three months (for a total of six months) at no additional charge. If you want six months, I’ll send you another six months (a total of 12 months) at no additional charge.

In other words: I’LL DOUBLE YOUR ORDER FOR FREE up to $199 value. Why would I do this? Because I’m a firm believer in Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™. And I want you to be too. That way you’ll feel for yourself how your energy improves.

And I realize to get you to try Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ I must make it impossible for you to say “no”.

So I’m not going to stop there. Because if you call toll-free 1-800-738-0619, I’ll give you the following bonus gifts:

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Not only am I going to double your order (Free Gift #1) but I am also going to give you a whopping 50% wholesale discount off the regular suggested retail price.

Why am I doing this?

Because I believe when your friends and neighbors see and hear your results you’ll want to share a bottle with them and soon they will want to buy Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ for themselves. Word of mouth is the absolute best form of advertising.

>FREE GIFT #3: Shipping and Handling! $9.95-$19.95 Value.

I’ll even pick up the tab for shipping and handling, which can run upwards of $9.95-$19.95. Why companies low-ball the price of their products, only to charge you with outrageous shipping and handling that are way out of whack with the actual cost of shipping and handling, is beyond me. We’re different at Miracle Breakthrough Labs. You pay nothing for shipping and handling for first class service.

>FREE GIFT #4: Expedited Shipping by 2-3 Day UPSP! $20 Value.

Because I feel so strongly that Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ will make such a dramatic and remarkable difference to your health… in double quick time … I have decided to ship your order by Expedite 2-3 day USPS absolutely FREE!

>FREE GIFT #5: Wholesale price Club Membership! $50 Value.

Once you start using Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™, you will see amazing results. I’m so convinced you’ll want to reorder. I’m going to “grandfather” you in to our wholesale price club. What this means is you’ll receive exclusive access to our 50% OFF wholesale price club, for life –without any fees, dues or charges. In other words, you get:

I will continue to Double Your Order- Buy One Get One Free (Free Gift #1).
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You will never pay for Shipping And Handling (Free Gift #3)
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>FREE GIFT #6: National Age Reduction Hotline! $59 Value.

To make this an offer you can’t refuse, I’m giving you a 6th FREE Gift (worth $59). While you’re trying Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ for 30 days, you can also call our National Age Reduction toll-free hotline, where you can ask any aging, questions you may have.

In Addition To Your 30 Day Free Trial You Also Get A 60 Day No Questions Asked All Your Money Back Guarantee.

If at any time you are dissatisfied for any reason in addition to your 30 Day Free Trial you also get a 60 Day No Questions Asked All Your Money Back Guarantee that starts on the day you receive your order. Simply send back the empty and unused bottles for a full and courteous no questions asked refund.
You have no risk.
The financial risk is on me.

The solution to a new you could be as simple as 2 capsules a day that can cost as little
as 55 cents a day.

What are you waiting for? The damage to your body… lifespan … and quality of life is real and it’s happening right now! The clock is ticking.

In just a few weeks you could feel better and healthier than you did in the last 20 years while taking less medicines than you currently are. Plus avoiding the horrors of a diseased liver or kidney headed your way.

I Have Made You The Absolute Best Offer I Have Ever Seen In
Order For You To Try The No Risk 30 Day Free Trial.

I have done my part. Now it’s your turn.

You have too much at risk not to try it for free with no risk.

What would you do with an extra 10 or 15 years of healthier life while taking less medicines than you could be taking right now?

The answer is simple, start taking Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ and find out for yourself.
For your own good please ACT NOW!

Please pick up the phone and call the toll free number or fax in your Free Trial Certificate now. For those of you who prefer to pay by check or money order kindly mail in your order with the enclosed envelope.

One day you will look back on this moment and realize this was one of the best things you ever did for your health…happiness..and longevity for as low as 55 cents a day.

Thank you for reading this special issue and I wish you only but the best in health.

The Staff at Miracle Breakthrough Labs

Try Liver and Kidney Mega Plus™ NOW!

Or Call 1-800-738-0619

‡ Due to the extremely personal nature of the product(s) throughout this letter, identifying details of certain persons, events and scenarios have been modified/fictionalized to safeguard confidentiality. Results atypical. Individual results vary. Professional models pictured throughout this letter are not users of our product.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

** Always consult your health care provider before taking any nutraceutical.

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